Our Story ❤️

Meet Rachael and James! ❤️

Together they have truly faced many trials and tribulations as James was only 25 years old when he had an unwitnessed cardiac arrest and had less than 2% chance to live. Their love story never stopped during his recovery and has been shared amongst the nation through local news channels, the American Heart Association (Team James) and TLC.

Throughout their journey, they recognized the value that Everyday Blessings had and is something they have learned to never take for granted! They had a little girl in June of 2021 named Gracey!  Rachael and James wanted to create a little legacy for her to remember the simple blessings we should be thankful for each day! 


"A life full of adventure is truly yours to make!"

Many Blessings always,

❤️  Rachael, James & Gracey 



Heart Walk Story

OUR STORY with the American Heart Association...



FOX 9 News Story

We are so thankful to have Kelcey Carlson from FOX 9 News share our story and continue to keep in touch throughout all our new adventures in life! 


TLC Story

OUR STORY on the TLC show, This Is Life Live! 

Our Story is on Season 1, Episode 4

You can download the full version of our season on Amazon Prime as well. 


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